//570t intelligent grab bucket dredger tests smoothly

Nucleon design and production the dredging equipment of 570t intelligent grab bucket dredger tests smoothly

Date: 06-26-2015

Nucleon design and production dredging equipment of 570t intelligent grab bucket dredger broke the international monopoly on such products, technology, and a breakthrough on the key technology, makes China’s massive dredging machine is in the leading position in the high-end manufacturing.

Nucleon is very particular about the project, in the early period of the strict careful market research, market forecast, project development, expert assessment and so on each stage, the technical team after many research, accurate calculation, production drawings and production.

During the production process, our technical team, the production team broke through various problems, and after the production of each part was finished, after the assembly test, strictly controlled the product quality and the performance.It can be matched to your ship assembly, which can be used for dredging and debris before laying submarine cables.

The device uses mining control, underwater mining visualization, super-power frequency conversion drive control and other advanced technologies, including three leading domestic technologies.