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A reliable pulp and paper industry cranes manufacturers

Has rich experience and advanced technology in these lifting

equipment can realize precise positioning, full automation operation


Nucleon as a pulp and paper industry cranes manufacturer in China, provides cranes for pulp and paper industry from perspective of the handling of the original pulp to lifting finished product. The cranes will greatly reduce the cost, improve work efficiency.

Cranes For Pulp And Paper Industry


Single girder overhead crane

Capacity: 2t-20t

Span: 7.5m-25.5m

Lifting height: customized

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paper industry

Double girder overhead crane

Capacity: 3.2t-50t

Span: customized

Lifting height: 6m-18m

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semi gantry crane

Semi gantry crane

Capacity: 5t-25t

Span: 10m-50m

Lifting height: ≥9m

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Coil bar crane

Coil and plate handling cranes

Capacity: 5t-50t

Span: 10.5m-40m

Lifting height: customized

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