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KBK light crane system belongs to light and small lifting equipment, when a working area is not allowed to have any supporting structure, flexible lightweight composite girder mounted crane is a perfect choice. The crane system needs a roof structure capable of withstanding sufficient strength and security to support the crane load. Customers can install multiple main girders on a set of fixed tracks, which greatly improve the work efficiency.

KBK light crane system includes KBK monorail suspension crane, KBK single girder suspension crane, KBK double girder suspension crane, KBK telescopic girder suspension crane, KBK stacker crane, KBK combined-type suspension cranes, and other forms.


KBK light crane system belongs to light and small lifting equipment(lifting weight less than 2000kg).Especially suitable for intensive field equipment,short-distance transport,and high working frequency zero environment such as parts assembly,manufacturing processing,pallet shipment,injection molding,storage and loading unloading,equipment maintenance,etc.


Easy installation,reduce installation time and cost

Low noise,relatively safe operating environment

Steel fixed rail is more suitable for load positioning

Economic benefits,especially for a single unit of work

The weight can reach 2000kg,multiple track models and spans

The design of the closed rail can reduce contamination and dust

The modular design of precast standard makes it easier to expand and move

High production efficiency and wide applicability,can be used in many materials handling environment

High strength of a cold-rolled steel rail with high light accuracy,smooth rolling surface,reducing the drag of the trolley


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