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Rail mounted gantry crane is a kind of large wharf gantry crane. It has electric drive, this can provide cleaner, bigger lift capacity, and higher cargo transport speed.

Rail mounted gantry crane is mainly composed of steel structure, hoisting mechanism, transmission mechanism, hanger anti-vibration system, mobile mechanism, container crane hoisting, electrical equipment, cab and other supporting auxiliary equipment.

The structure of main girder has single cantilever crane and double cantilever beam, non-cantilever crane, customers can choose different types according to different container and vehicle requirements.


1. The span of the crane and the extension distance determine the speed of the trolley

2. Lower lift speed, because of low lift height, its lifting height depends on the requirement of the storage height

3. The electric vehicle control system adopts the controllable silicon regulating drive ac or dc control system, which can realize the control of speed regulation to meet the actual needs

4. Stable devices are installed on crane and electric power system using digital ac frequency control, PLC control speeding, CMS intelligent monitoring and management system, running status real-time monitoring equipment, ensure the crane synchronous operation on both sides.


Rail mounted gantry crane is widely used in container handling of inland river wharf, container terminal, railway freight station, coastal cargo terminal and frontier wharf.


The safety device are not only the electric  protective devices or alarm bell but other equipments are necessary to guarantee the normal operation of crane and avoid the personal casualty and mechanical damage.Such as:

 Weight overload limiter

 Emergency stop system

 Crane travelling limit switch

 Voltage lower protection function

 Current overload protection system

 Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer



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