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As a professinal and reliable electric hoist supplier in China. Nucleon European type electric hoist is high quality with designed and fabricated by FEM/DIN standard. The motor, reducer, reel and limit switch adopt integrated compact design and modular design, which greatly saves the space, and many kinds of pulleys are more than alternative.The reliability of the machine is higher, and the maintenance time and cost are lower.

ND series of Europe type electric hoist is one of the representative products, used the 13 patents, using finite element design standard of Europe and the domestic advanced wire mesh structure, also equipped with intelligent unit recorder, a “black box” is similar to that of a plane, can continuously record the working state information of crane, prevent wrong operation.

ND series of European-style electric hoist has the advantages of compact structure, frequency control and appearance appearance.It is easy, convenient, safe and efficient in practical application. It can meet the requirements of low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, and it is also more convenient to maintain.


1. Low height and light weight can reduce the height of crane plant and reduce the load capacity of the plant.

2. The operating mechanism decelerator adopts the three-in-one decelerating motor with the hard tooth surface, which is compact and stable.

3. The forging wheel group with high precision machining and boring assembly is used for long service life.

4. Steel rolling drum is adopted, with higher intensity and longer service life.

5. Machining equipment is used in the whole process, with small structural deformation and high assembly precision.

6. The main end girder connection adopts high – strength bolt assembly, high precision and convenient transportation.

7. Electrical control system, adopting frequency conversion control technology and feedback system.

8. It is convenient to maintain because of maintenance-free design of whole body and less wearing parts.


European type electric hoist as an important part of crane hoisting system, it is widely used in overhead crane, gantry crane and other type of cranes.



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