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Foundry crane belongs to a kind of heavy crane, which is the main equipment in the process of steel making. It is used in steelmaking workshop to transport liquid steel or metal in high temperature working environment. Work level is higher, generally at A7, high likelihood to A8.


1. Foundry crane is used for hoisting molten metal, which is used in high temperature and high dust environment. The work level is higher, generally at A7, and the high likelihood is A8.

2. Foundry crane need equipped with at least one set of main hook and a pair of hook, two sets of brake, special circumstances, also need to add safety brake on the drum, prevent damage of a driving mechanism and cause accidents.

3. Foundry crane are all made of high temperature resistant steel core wire rope, wire rope in the hook group and lifting beam place to take the necessary safety protection device, prevent splashed with steel wire rope, wire rope damage.

3. The bottom of the main girder with thermal insulation, mitigating the effects of radiation heat to the main girder, the trolley design fire prevention board, to prevent the trolley at the time of loading and unloading of steel, the flame is up to the trolley above, destruction of electric system and electric equipment.


Foundry crane is widely used in steelmaking workshop, which is the main equipment for conveying liquid steel or metal in high temperature working environment.


In addition to some conventional protective devices:

1. Safety device for wire rope protection.

2. Main lifting motor with thermal protection.

3. The insulation layer and fire prevention board are used to protect electrical system and electrical equipment.



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