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Rubber tyre gantry crane is mainly used for container lifting, rubber tires move flexibly to transport containers.

The main components of rubber tyre gantry crane consist of the bridge, the supporting leg, the crane mobile mechanism, the trolley, the electric equipment, the hoisting winch, etc.

Rubber tyre gantry crane driven by box welded frame structure, independent of the power plant, and can finish all the operation of the machinery in the cockpit and the use of cables or slide wire supply power for the crane.


1. Fitted with multiple hooking point’s spreaders to meet the needs of different lifting situations.

2. Crane transmission mechanism and lifting mechanism adopt all-hydraulic transmission and stepless speed change.

3. The long distance travel uses hydraulic closed circuit, the transmission efficiency is high, the failure is low.

4. To ensure the safety of operators and products, the crane is equipped with safety devices such as safety indicators and overlimit limiters.


Rubber tire gantry crane is widely to handle containers, boats/yacht, loading/unloading places and container yard.


The safety device are not only the electric  protective devices or alarm bell but other equipments are necessary to guarantee the normal operation of crane and avoid the personal casualty and mechanical damage.Such as:

 Weight overload limiter

 Emergency stop system

 Crane travelling limit switch

 Voltage lower protection function

 Current overload protection system

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