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Insulation overhead crane is a kind of special crane suitable for electrolysis, non-ferrous metal processing metal materials. It is mainly composed of a box girder bridge structure, running gear, cars and electrical equipment.

In practical application, the lifting heavy weights are electrically charged, in order to prevent electric current through the crane metal injury and damage to equipment and driver, insulation bridge crane hook, such as trolley or hoist parts need to be added a multi-channel insulation layer, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. And the lifting system adopts double braking and mechanical action can be completed in the operation room.


1. The lifting system adopts double braking and safe and reliable.

2. Insulation: three parts insulated to ensure the safety of hook, pulley, hoisting mechanism, trolley frame and crane.

3. The insulation material has high requirement, each insulation material’s impedance is not less than 1 mΩ at 20℃~25℃ room temperature and humidity 85%.


Insulation crane is widely used in the electrolytic nonferrous metal workshop to process metal materials such as magnesium and aluminum electrolytic metals.


The safety device are not only the electric  protective devices or alarm bell but other equipments are necessary to guarantee the normal operation of crane and avoid the personal casualty and mechanical damage.Such as:

 Weight overload limiter

 Emergency stop system

 Crane travelling limit switch

 Voltage lower protection function

 Current overload protection system

 Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer



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