Grab Bucket

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As a kind of lifting tool, the grab bucket is one of the main auxiliary equipment of the crane.Mainly depends on the right and left of two combination or multiple jaw plates to grab and remove the loose material.

The shape can be divided into bee-shaped grab and orange peel bucket.The former consists of two complete scoops, which consist of three or more jaw plates.The driving mode can be divided into two categories: hydraulic grab and mechanical grab.

The hydraulic type grab is fitted with an open structure, usually driven by a hydraulic cylinder.And a hydraulic clamshell consisting of multiple jaw plates is also called hydraulic claw.Hydraulic clamshell is widely used in the special equipment of hydraulic class, such as hydraulic excavator and hydraulic lifting tower.

The mechanical grab is not equipped with an open structure, usually driven by a rope or a connecting rod.It is divided into two rope grabs and a single rope grab, the most commonly used is a double rope grab.


Scallop type grab: it is suitable for port, dock, station yard, mine loading various aspects such as bulk, minerals, coal, ballast, conditions, etc..It can also be used for conditions excavation, foundation trench excavation, highway construction, railway track laying and other projects.

Multi-valve type grab: it is suitable for steel scrap grab and refined work, a large amount of waste, waste landfill and construction sites torpedo, loading and unloading.Handling work, automotive recycling field, the collapse of torpedo and recycling, bucket tooth can be replaced.And high hardness, wear resistant steel, to ensure that the service life is long.The shell can be selected according to different working environment.Fully closed flaps, semi – closed flap shells, wide-side flap shells, and narrow side – flap shells.

Timber grab: it is mainly used for all kinds of logs, lumber, pipe, barrel and other objects of grab for loading and unloading.Single grab or grab more root, cooperate with the tower crane, gantry crane and so on.Suitable for log yard, wharf unloading and other occasions.

Straw bale grab: it is a material handling equipment specially developed for the straw power plant.Mainly for the discharge of straw bale, storage and feeding of stacking.The work level is high, and the working environment of the straw warehouse in the power plant can be used to meet the demands of humidity, large dust, frequent and uninterrupted work.



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