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The frame structure of truss type gantry crane is unique, and it is welded with Angle steel or steel bar to make the crane more suitable for use in open space. It has the advantages of light weight, high rigidity and strong wind resistance.

Truss type gantry crane forms have truss type single girder crane and truss type double girder crane. The ventilation is better, it can effectively reduce the wind resistance, especially for outdoor windy areas.

Its components include steel structure, the crane traveling system, trolley or electric hoist , electric equipment and so on.

Structure: welded with Angle steel or steel bar, the whole structure is connected with unique steel nails, not only strong, but also easy to install.It consists of flexible bars, components and components that are highly exchangeable and easy to disassemble and assemble when moving to a new site.

Crane traveling system: the entire crane structure is run along the installed track to realize the transfer of goods

Lifting system: lifting mechanism is electric car or electric hoist, using hook and other tools to enhance the material.

Electrical equipment: adopt soft conductive cable, large car adopt sliding type contact line, can adopt cable type return line type.


1. Good ventilation and small wind resistance

2. Material saving, light weight and low cost

3. Reasonable structure and good performance

4. The exchangeability of parts and parts, convenient installation and convenient maintenance


Truss type gantry crane, with advantages of easy to disassemble and install, light weight, low wind resistance and so on. It is widely used in material inventory area, cement factory, engineering industry, construction industry, ship, road, mine, steel mill, concrete beam field, etc.


The safety device are not only the electric  protective devices or alarm bell but other equipments are necessary to guarantee the normal operation of crane and avoid the personal casualty and mechanical damage.Such as:

 Weight overload limiter

 Emergency stop system

 Crane travelling limit switch

 Voltage lower protection function

 Current overload protection system

 Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer



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