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The garbage handling crane is the main

equipment of garbage feeding systemand workshop refuse

collectionand handling in the modern city living waste incinerator


Nucleon provides cranes for waste to energe and biomass industries to handing the garbage and lifting the garbage in feeding funnel.It is a professinal waste to energy and biomass industry cranes supplier,

The cranes mainly undertake the following work.

Feeding: when the garbage in the feeding port of the incinerator is insufficient, the crane grabs the fermented garbage in the garbage pit and runs to the top of the feeding mouth, feeding the feeding funnel of the waste incinerator.

Handling: take the garbage near the discharge door to the rest of the reservoir and avoid piling up.

Cranes For Waste To Energe And Biomass Industries


Grab overhead crane

Capacity: 5t-50t

Span: 16.5m-31.5m

Lifting height: customized

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scrap crane

Scrap crane

Capacity: 5t-32t

Span: 7.5m-35.5m

Lifting height: customized

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