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Wire rope drum is a part of a lifting mechanism used to coil a wire rope.Drum and reel shaft, flange type inner ring, drum hub, bearing and bearing seat, etc.When a rotary lift limit position limiter is installed on one end of the drum shaft, it is necessary to ensure that the shaft of the drum shaft is simultaneously rotating with the shaft of the rising limit switch.

Wire rope drum materials are generally cast iron.It can be cast steel or welded with steel plate during special needs.


1. Strict quality inspection process, testing process and ensuring product quality.

2. Casting steel or making welded manufacturing with steel sheet. Can withstand a large radial load and transfer greater torque.

3. Allows the axis of the large deflection Angle, maximum Angle to 6 °. In the design of wire drum gear, drum should be terminated end bearing axial constraint, thus greatly reduces the requirement for roll installation accuracy, and under the condition of the car frame stiffness is poorer, hoisting mechanism can work safety.

4. Modular assembly mode, making lifting mechanism easier to install and repair. The inclusion of special bonds between the spheres makes them safer and more reliable.



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