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Nucleon is a Europe type overhead crane supplier, the crane is designed and manufactured by FEM/DINstandard,based on the lightweight and modular design concept and advanced manufacturing technology,so the europe type overhead crane are small size,light weight and small wheel pressure.The whole crane structure is compact,stable operation,reduce weight,height decreased,energy conservation and consumption reduction,greatly reducing the user on the crane operation plant construction costs and crane operation cost,improve the overall quality and operational performance of crane.

There are Europe type single overhead crane and Europe type double overhead crane.It is composed of main girder,end carriage,hoist,trolley,electric power transmission device and operation room.


European type overhead crane has very widely application range, machinery manufacturing, oil, ports, railways, building materials, industry workshop,

warehouse, workshop and other places.


Main girder

The main girder is designed with square box steel structure;

Non-destructive inspection of the main welds;

Steel plate materials for domestic general steel (Q235B);

All steel plates are shot blasting pre-processed to reach Sa2.5 level standardization;

Carefully inspect and clean the steel plate before welding,usually by automatic welding (MIG or semi-automatic welding).

End girder

The end girder is welded and formed of rectangular steel tube or steel plate. After forming, the end girder is positioned at a time in the machine tool to reach the allowable deviation range.

Each end girder is equipped with double wheel rim wheel, buffer and anti-escapist protection device;

The double girder crane is in the direction of main beam driving side layout maintenance platform ;

The main girder and the end girder are connected with high strength bolt to ensure the accuracy and smooth operation of the whole machine;


Adopt European type electric hoist,the structure is integrated and compact design.Modular design increases the reliability of mechanism and reduces the time and cost for maintaining.


The safety device are not only the electric  protective devices or alarm bell but other equipments are necessary to guarantee the normal operation of crane and avoid the personal casualty and mechanical damage.Such as:

 Emergency stop system

Weight overload protection

limit switch (lifting and traveling)

Voltage lower protection function

 Current overload protection system

Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer

Circuit self-check protector,and flow phase lack protection operation


Safe and reliable,advanced design concept,mature technology to ensure product design

According to China’s national crane design standard of GB/T3811, “crane safety procedures” GB6067 and other relevant standards,combined with FEM “European crane design specification”,for the safety of the hoisting equipment strict calculation,ensure compliance with standards and regulatory requirements.

Adopting advanced standardization,modularization and lightweight design philosophy,the product is modeled and combined with practical experience to ensure product structure optimization and safety and reliability.

 Advanced control technology and high quality key components ensure good performance of crane

Excellent key components (reducer, brake, coupling, motor) adopt frequency conversion control technology,This technology ensures that the crane can start without impact,zero-speed braking.Operation frequency,can realize the crane operating organization has no impact on the process of braking,driving smooth deceleration synchronization,realize the crane running smoothly,also can get rid of the common crane deflection operation problem.

 Reliable performance,low failure rate,lower usage and maintenance cost

Light weight,high quality,high performance,using modular design and key components,the crane trouble-free working time sharply increased,wearing parts replacement cycle,increased sharply lower crane maintenance costs.

 Good combination,high specification and complete range of products

Using standardized, modular design, product line complete,can according to customer demand rapid design,its weight cover 6.3 t – 400 – t, work level for M3 – M7,lifting speed have 5 kinds of optional,car speed adjustable frequency conversion,lifting height 9 m – 60 m,can meet the needs of the customer’s special conditions.

 Reduce customer investment,make full use of plant space and improve production efficiency

Europe type crane products with light weight,small wheel pressure,lower equipment level,compact structure,small footprint,can reduce the plant height,to decrease the size of support rail beam section,reduce the bracket and the pile foundation bearing capacity,reduce the requirement for track,power supply wire,enables users in the workshop and hoisting equipment comprehensive investment reduced.

 Intelligent equipment and reserved multiple functional interfaces

The European crane can integrate intelligent monitor,electronic anti-sway,remote monitoring,etc.,so as to ensure the use performance and monitoring and maintenance of the equipment.At the same time,the equipment provides a variety of function interface reservation,the customer can add various functions according to the need,convenient and fast to meet the working condition demand.


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