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Container gantry crane is widely used for container handing and lifting.The container crane main equipment has rail mounted container gantry crane and rubber tyre container gantry crane.

Rail mounted container gantry crane: it is composed of main beam, rigid and flexible door leg, running trolley, lifting mechanism, big car running mechanism, electrical system, operation cab etc.According to the working process of the stacking field, a single cantilever or double cantilever model can be used to extend the overhanging cantilever in the direction of single leg or double door leg.According to the site, container storage and transportation process and loading and unloading of vehicles (container trucks or railway vehicles). And different structural forms of cantilever, single cantilever and double cantilever are determined.

Rubber tyre container gantry crane: the field bridge is powered by diesel ac generator, with digital frequency conversion speed adjustment, with a telescopic lifting device capable of lifting 20 feet and 40 feet of container.To reduce the swing of lifting gear, equipped with mechanical stabilizer.In order to be convenient to the box, a small Angle turning device is installed in order to convert the field operation.

The number of wheels is designed according to the requirements of wheel pressure.A large – car walking mechanism can be wheel – wheel or two-wheel drive.

The trolley can be operated by a rack or two – axis, single – shaft drive, running smoothly.There is a cab under the frame, and the driver operates the entire crane in the cab.


Rail mounted container gantry crane: 

1. It has a low lift speed and high speed.

2. The running speed of the trolley can be determined according to the span of the bridge and the outer reach of the two ends

3. When the span is large, the synchronization device is provided.And the running speed of the two running agencies is kept synchronously through the electrical control system.

4. In order to meet the higher requirements, the electric drive control system adopts the thyristor dc or ac speed control system to achieve better speed control and control performance.

Rubber tyre container gantry crane: 

1. In order to prevent the collision between the bridge and the field bridge and the container, there are manual rectifying system and four-angle anti-collision device.

2. The field bridge adopts ac or dc speed control system.That has good speed control and constant power control.And can automatically adjust the lifting speed according to the weight of the box.


The rail mounted container gantry crane is mainly used for container loading and unloading, handling and stacking of container railway transfer yard and large container storage and transportation field.

The rubber type container gantry crane (general term bridge) is a special mechanical, loading and unloading standard container for large specialized container yard.It is not only suitable for container terminal yard, but also for container special storage yard.

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