Crane Winch

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The crane winch is a light, small lifting device which uses winding rope or chain to lift or pull heavy objects. It can lift, horizontal, or tilt a heavy weight vertically. It is divided into manual, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic winch.

The winder can be used alone, and it can also be used as a component in mechanical components such as lifting, roadway and mine lifting.With advantages of simple operation, large amount of rope winding, and convenient displacement.The crane winch is mainly used in construction, water conservancy engineering, forestry, mining, wharf and other material lifting or flat tow.


The following crane winch types of applications are widely used, and the features are:

Coaxial winch: motor and wire rope on the same transmission shaft, light and small, save space

Slow-speed winch: the steel wire rope on the drum is rated at about 7~ 12m/min.

Rapid winch: the steel wire rope on the drum is rated at a speed of about 30m/min.

Electric winch: driven by the motor, the winch is driven by the driving device.

Speed regulation winch: speed control can adjust the equipment.

Hand-rolling winch: with the power of human being, it will be turned by the driving device

Pneumatic winch: based on the compression of air compressor to provide gas for power supply, mainly by pneumatic motor, reducer, brake, clutch, drum, over load protection devices and control valves, etc.Compared with the traditional electric winch, pneumatic winch has explosion-proof, dust and splash proof and other characteristics, can adapt to work under harsh environment, so the air tugger is widely used in ships, oil drilling, mining and power industries.



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