//Nucleon overhead cranes and hoists are exhibiting in exhibition 2017

Nucleon overhead cranes and hoists are exhibiting in China (Shanghai) international heavy machinery and equipment exhibition 2017

October 31, 2017 China (Shanghai) international heavy machinery and equipment exhibition in Shanghai new international expo center grand opening, Nucleon company as China’s lifting machine industry well-known enterprises, China heavy machinery industry association director unit to be invited to the event. In this exhibition, we have exhibited many types of overhead cranes and hoists.


In this exhibition, Nucleon company to the domestic and foreign merchants shows many overhead cranes and hoists, gantry cranes and innovative technology, wind power, marine deck crane maintenance, yacht handling crane, green building wall plate curing kiln, shield segment crane caused widespread attention and responsiveness, association leadership and domestic and foreign merchants to visit New York galleries koren, in-depth communication with the company staff, expressed with numerous manufacturers new koren intense intention to establish cooperation relations.

In recent years, Nucleon adhere to the “four” product development goals each year, pay attention to product development and technological innovation, with independent intellectual property rights of innovative products to the market in succession. Nucleon gradually implemented by general lifting products to professional subdivision industry characteristics of crane is given priority to, by a single crane manufacturer to leapfrog logistics handling systems integration solutions provider.

China (Shanghai) international heavy machinery and equipment exhibition by the China machinery industry federation, China heavy machinery industry association, include material handling, metallurgy, mines, ports, engineering and other industries. A four-day exhibition will bring more than twenty thousand buyers to exhibitors the industry officials and the related decision makers, about 80000 from more than 60 countries and regions industry audience communication.